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MAJOR GIVEAWAY ALERT and Amanda in the News (P.S. She cooked for Katie Couric!)

By September 19, 2019May 12th, 2020No Comments
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Hi Friends!

Oh my gosh. I just returned from one of the most special work trips I’ve ever had. I’m still trying to process it.

Last Wednesday, I flew to New York to do press for The Vibrant Life. I have always loved Katie Couric, and I haven’t been shy about telling her that over social media. Some of you may recall I accidentally sent her an old recipe-and a picture of a pretty bathroom I’d seen on Pinterest!- through a DM.  Instead of ignoring me for the clumsy dork I am, she responded with, “Hi! Can I share your recipe in my newsletter?” I was stunned. (She did exactly that, by the way.)

So I don’t know why I was surprised when she agreed to meet me in real life last week. I couldn’t believe it until I was hugging her. In her doorway. At the crack of dawn. I mean, who opens their home to a (friendly) stranger, simply to support the work of said stranger? Katie does! She was as incredible as you’d expect. I left her home feeling so inspired by a woman who lifts up other women while being the best in class in everything she does. (Take note: I am attracted to people who share the belief that there is room for all of us to thrive, and I realized immediately Katie is one of those women.) More to come on my breakfast with Katie once I fully recover, but I’m not there yet. ?

On Saturday morning, I was booked to do The Dish—a beautifully produced segment on CBS This Morning. It did not disappoint. The anchors, producers, and the whole team were amazing, and it was the best “first” tv experience EVER! You can see the whole clip here

As we were on the plane to fly home, my friend Holly told me that my book had hit #1 on Amazon for cookbooks, and #4 overall! I wanted to pass out, faint, and throw up all at once. By the time I landed, the book was out of stock on Amazon and The Anti-Inflammation Cookbook had shot back up into the Top 20, too! (It’ll be back in stock in a day or two and you can always find it at other retailers and many local bookstores.)

This joyful week has been too much to comprehend. I now find myself saying, “Be careful what you wish for. It might happen, and all at once!”

So Friends, if your wish is an awesome GIVEAWAY this week, @nomnompaleo and I have one for you!  Michelle and I are teaming up to give away a signed copy of “The Vibrant Life;” all three of Michelle’s new Nom Nom Paleo sauces (All-Purpose Stir-Fry, Tandoori, and Sriracha); and a $125 @wholefoods gift card! Click on my Instagram feed to enter. And read the instructions closely for a second chance to win. 

If you live in Northern California or Reno, don’t forget that my Vibrant Life meals are available at Whole Foods through the end of September. After that, they’re gone, unless you tell them how much you need them in your lives every single day!

Have a great week in your kitchen Everyone.