annual WELLNESS workshop

Join Amanda Haas in kicking your new year off right with an exclusive Wellness Workshop. 

 Four weeks. 
Four cooking classes. 
Four wellness-focused classes.


Kick off your new year right with Amanda Haas' first annual online wellness workshop! 


Beginning January 18th, join Amanda every Wednesday evening at 5 pm PT and every Saturday morning at 9 am PT for four weeks of cooking and exploration into different wellness practices including breathwork, yoga, meditation and sound meditation with some of the country’s leading experts. Because the classes are live, you’ll be able to ask Amanda and her guests all your questions on the spot! (Don’t worry.  The classes are recorded so you can always watch when it works for you.) 


Tickets are limited so sign up today! It is the perfect gift for yourself or a friend.

what you'll get

4 Cooking Classes

Every week Amanda will host a live cooking class to teach you simple but delicious recipes that are healthy without tasting like boring health food. You’ll receive a PDF of all of the recipes to print and keep for years.

4 Exclusive Guest Classes

Join in for weekly classes featuring incredible guests teaching you about wellness topics from breathwork to meditation.

The Shopping List

Amanda will provide you with an entire list of ingredients for each class, broken down by department.  Shopping has never been easier!

The Cooking Tools List

Amanda has developed a list of her favorite cooking tools, all with easy links to purchase so you receive them asap.  


Amanda has loved seeing the communities that have formed from her other classes and this course will be no exception! During these classes you'll get to interact with other members on the same journey as you and stay in contact through a Facebook group.

Access to the Class for One Month

You’ll be able to revisit the content for at least 30 days, so if you miss the live class, you can review the video at your leisure

★ Giveaways ★

Get ready for a month long of incredible giveaways (expect SO much more than little trinkets than end up in the back of your drawer!). Everyone in the class will have high chances of winning amazing prizes!

Live Q&As

During every class you'll have the chance to ask Amanda questions LIVE and receive her answers and feedback immediately. 

Feel Good Vibes

Amanda donates 10% of her profits from this class to No Kid Hungry and Save the Children.  Woot woot! 

what to expect each week

Week 1

Cooking: We’ll focus on nutrient-dense and delicious breakfasts while exploring some other trends around eating, including: intermittent fasting; balancing your blood sugar; taking supplements; and exploring Keto and Paleo trends.  

Recipes include: Easy Acai Smoothies; Overnight Chia Seed Pudding with Berries, Savory Oatmeal with Garlicky Greens and Poached Eggs

Wellness Exploration: We’ll explore the power of breathwork to relieve stress with Kathryn Chess, a certified nutritionist, massage therapist, and breathwork facilitator.  



Week 2

Cooking: We’ll focus on prepping a few essential recipes in order to have a variety of salads, bowls, and soups ready in a matter of minutes for lunch

Recipes include: Amanda’s Every (Single) Day Salad; Avocado Rice Bowls with Sesame Honey Dressing; and Mix and Match Minestrone.

Wellness Exploration: Meditation and Yoga instructor Hailey Lott will guide us through a meditation for the new year, which will also include her beautiful technique of incorporating sound into the meditation. 





Week 3

Cooking:  Let’s dig into dinner, including answering common questions including: how can I find time to cook dinner every night?  What’s the best time to eat dinner in order to feel well?  Why is it important to move after a meal? 

Recipes include: Chicken in Lettuce Cups, Wild Rice Salad with Winter Greens and Dried Cherries, Black Bean Chipotle Chili

Wellness Exploration: Meet Josh Connolly, a Resilience Coach and certified Breathwork Specialist.  Josh will be speaking to us about humanising our emotions, and the power to change your life when you do!  His work has already had a profound impact on thousands of people, and we are incredibly grateful he’ll be joining us from London for this meeting!


Week 4

Cooking: What we choose to eat between meals can make or break our mood and physical energy every single day.  Let’s dig into snacks and discuss which foods are best for us during that afternoon lull when we’re craving sugar and caffeine; what to do when we get sleepy at work and can’t nap; and other ways to keep ourselves energized and fueled throughout the day. 

Recipes include: Amanda’s Everything Popcorn;  Curry-Spiced Trail Mix with Dark Chocolate; and Back-Pocket Guacamole.

Wellness Exploration: Yoga for everyone.  Starting at the “why” with yoga, our instructor will take you through the most gentle poses to open up each area of your body while explaining the benefits of each pose, in addition to presenting more challenging variations to those who are more advanced.  Whatever your skill level, this class will leave you feeling your absolute best! 


HOUSE OF HAAS wellness workshop  

January 18- February 15

New year. best you.