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We’re bringing the fun to @amandahaascooks! No, seriously.

By June 8, 2019May 12th, 2020No Comments

Photo: Traeger

Well, well, well…hello again!  I told you I wouldn’t cram your Inboxes with emails, and it has been three weeks since I sent you my inaugural post. Since I launched my new site last month, I was so happy to see that most of you remembered me hitting your Inbox as “Amanda from One Family One Meal.” And for those of you who asked, “Who ARE you and WHY are you emailing me?” I should have explained that at some point in your life you signed up to receive my blog. (And if you don’t want to receive this one, no hard feelings! You can unsubscribe.) 

So to bring you along on my new food journey, here’s the scoop…

After working too much while trying to keep up with my health-which has been a hot mess over the past decade-I decided to let my blog One Family One Meal go. Not the concept-just the website. My belief that we as a family should all eat the same meal still stands. Translation: if you come to my house for dinner, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. (Well, with the exception of breakfast–which is a completely high-maintenance situation that I helped perpetuate.) That means my kids have had to come along for the ride when I discovered I couldn’t have gluten and needed to make some dietary changes. (Believe it or not, they’ve survived this terrible set of circumstances where their mom gets paid to cook food that is actually good for us!) 

So what’s @amandahaascooks all about? 

  • Everything I’m sharing should be meant to improve how you feel WHILE encouraging you to cook. (My food is not complicated and only contains ingredients that are accessible in a grocery store.)

  • Fun is still at the center of everything I do.  

  • I LOVE to GIVE THINGS AWAY. I want to be Oprah and Ellen wrapped up into one beautiful package where every day I can scream, “YOU win a pan!  YOU win a blender! YOU win a cookbook!” (HINT: Keep reading to see what you can win this week!)

Anything I’m selling on here is something I’m personally obsessed with, so I promise you you’ll never see bullsh—on here.  Transparency is a big deal to me, as is being my true, authentic self. That translates to my recipes, my shopping page, and my partnerships with brands. Note: I don’t have partnerships with all of the brands you see here, but I just love their products so I shout it from the rooftops. And to #Acura, #JEEP,  and #Delta, if you want to give me a holler to sponsor me too I won’t say no.  HA! 

I still feel the need to create new hashtags for everything good in my life. A few of my current favorites:

#wearesomuchfun (Do NOT use this one if you are not having fun. I will be totally pissed at you.)


#gayleatemykale (Yes, THE @gayleking ! It was like, three years ago, but who’s counting?)

#evereydayistraegerday (At least at my house it is.) 

Last but not least, I’ll always have a little call to action here at the bottom of my blog posts. It usually involves doing something to WIN SOMETHING! This week? Just by following me on Instagram @amandahaascooks and by tagging a friend, you’ll be entered to win ANOTHER Hestan Nanonbond 5 qt. Essential Pan, valued at $400! If I had to have just one pan for the rest of my life, it’d be this one. (Congrats to @luvtodream862 for winning last week!)

So make sure to follow me on Insta! 

And stay tuned here on Friday the 14th…it’s time to start talking about my new book “The Vibrant Life: Eat Well, Be Well.” Can you say giveaway? (Hint: It rhymes with Traeger. Double hint: Pre-order a copy of my book now for a chance to win something amazing.)

I hope you all have a great week in your kitchen!