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Julius Thomas III


Where You’re From:
Gary, Indiana

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1). How did you figure out that this ‘work’ was your calling?”

I was in college as a full scholarship biology major and hating it. I had done theatre in high school, but really as an in-between of track and cross country seasons. But I loved the genre, and saw shows as often as they came to my university. I remember sitting in the audience of Rent and seeing the huge effect the actors were having on the audience, and it clicked. I’m supposed to be doing this. I loved it, I was decent enough at it, and here is an example of it being a viable money making career. So I made the switch. The rest is American history. 😜

2). What/who empowered you to chase this dream for yourself?

My parents oddly enough never batted an eyelash when I dropped my scholarship and transferred schools. They just said, as long as you can earn a living, we don’t mind what you do. And they came to every show they could. They are a constant inspiration, as I always want to make them proud.

3). Was there ever a time you were ready to give up on your dream? What made you keep going?

Yes, I had decided I wanted to make the leap from ensemble member to leading man. It felt like the only way to extend my acting career, since my body was beginning to tell me “no more dancing.” But that switch was hard. It meant I had to change the way all the casting offices saw me. It meant saying no to good jobs and auditions because they weren’t leads. It meant putting myself into the mix with already established stars. It didn’t go so well at first. But I kept at it. And am glad I did.

4). What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? (or the worst, and why?)

The best/worst advice I received was “You’ll never be able to sustain yourself as a theatre performer.” I took that to heart and decided to prove that person wrong. It was fuel to my fire.

5). What impact would you like your work to leave on the world?

I want to leave a lasting emotional presence in the world. When we think of Judy Garland, there’s a collective inner sigh we all have. We remember the way she made us feel. We remember the escape she gave us from reality. We remember how entertained we are by her (now digital) presence. I want to leave the world better than I found it. I still have a ton of work to do.

6). What is one word that describes you?

Invested. I don’t tend to go after things halfheartedly. My best lift not be THE best, but it’s all I have to give. Why give anything less?

7). You are happiest when ______

I am happiest when I know those I care for, are happy and healthy.

8). Favorite quote?

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff.”



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