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HOUZZ | Come on In! See How a Chef Created Her Ideal Galley Kitchen

Whether chef Amanda Haas is dreaming up mouthwatering meals or cooking for loved ones, she can usually be found in her kitchen. “You’d be shocked at the amount of cooking I do,” she says with a laugh.

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BON APPETIT HEALTHYISH | This Cookbook Is My Wellness Roadmap

With The Vibrant Life, Amanda Haas didn’t just write a cookbook. She wrote a wellness road map with tips for strength training, yoga, and even a dash of sex and aging advice.

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THE DISH | Chef Amanda Haas Shares her Signature Recipes

After attending cooking school, Amanda Haas freelanced and tested recipes before launching a website that focused on simple family cooking.

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KITCHN | Our 20 Favorite Women to Follow Right Now

I first met Amanda a bunch (ahem, many!) of years ago and I could feel something special just radiating off her. She was the Culinary Director at Williams Sonoma (she started with the company as a sales assistant and rose to the top!) and was having SO MUCH fun doing it.

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TASTE OF HOME | Why I Cook, with Amanda Haas

This multi-talented cook may have years of experience in the culinary world, but Amanda Haas learned to cook just like many of us do—out of necessity. She shares how her love of eating led to a career in cooking, and how a dietary restriction completely changed the way she thinks about food.

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SUNSET MAGAZINE | How to Throw an Unforgettable Holiday Party

When Ayesha and Amanda get together in the kitchen, it’s like a slumber party, albeit one where the conversation revolves around family and food (and, okay, shopping and tequila).

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24 EAST | Amanda Haas: Williams-Sonoma’s Culinary Director

I was thrilled to meet Amanda Haas for coffee in the East Bay and learned that despite us meeting at 7:45a, we were both already fully caffeinated. As we settled in to talk, I quickly realized that Amanda’s warmth and grace, mixed with her humor and amazing professional career, made her a truly inspirational person.


SF CHRONICLE | A culinary life reinvented, without gluten

At age 23, Amanda Haas was on top of the world. Fresh out of college, the self-described food-obsessive had abandoned a desire to go to culinary school — the expense too steep to justify — and had instead landed a job at Williams-Sonoma.

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THE EVERYGIRL | How Amanda Haas Rose from Sales Associate to Culinary Director of Williams-Sonoma

“I knew two things: I wanted to move to San Francisco and I wanted to work in food.” These may have been the only truths Amanda Haas knew as a college graduate, but as it turns out, they were all she needed.