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A la carte virtual cooking classes to help you cook like a pro.

Amanda Haas


Amanda has over 20 years of professional cooking experience and is the founder of House of Haas cooking school. Amanda’s classes will teach recipes that are adaptable for all cooking levels and dietary preferences.

With the a la carte recreational classes, you’ll get the recipes and shopping lists in advance of the class in case you’d like to cook along.  Amanda will demonstrate most of the recipes while sharing her wealth of knowledge around her favorite cooking techniques.  She’ll also answer questions throughout class so you all walk away feeling confident enough to cook it all yourself!

These classes are not part of the House of Haas subscription classes.  They are sold separately and are a wonderful way to hop into Amanda’s world and see if you’d like to join us monthly or just sign up for classes that are interesting to you!

In this 2-hour virtual class, you’ll gain valuable culinary skills and knowledge that can be applied to your everyday life.



June 10 at 1pm PT/ 4pm ET
(or catch the replay after!)

Join Amanda on June 10 at 1pm PT as she walks you through the basics of grilling, including cooking over direct vs. indirect heat; quick cooking vs. slow cooking; and all of the dos and don’ts for a successful grilling session.  Amanda will be demonstrating her recipes and techniques on a Traeger wood pellet grill, but will also address cooking over gas, wood, and charcoal for guests who have a different type of grill.

Recipes will include:

  • Barbecued Chicken
  • Santa Maria Style Tri tip
  • The Best Burgers
  • Mexican Street Corn

Recipes and shopping list will be sent to you 2 days prior to the class.

barbecued chicken breasts on foil with a side of barbecue sauce on a wood table

photo by Traeger


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Shopping List

You will receive a shopping list in advance
of the class. (Ingredients not included).

purple whisk


You will receive a PDF of the recipes
that they can print to keep for years to come!

90-minute live virtual cooking class

90-minute live virtual
cooking class

An interactive LIVE class
taught by Amanda Haas.

purple spatula


You’ll receive a list of Amanda’s favorite
cooking tools to use for these recipes!


How much is a recreational class?

A la carte recreational classes may vary in price from class to class. They are a one-time payment and are separate from the House of Haas subscription. To see the price of our up and coming class, click on any of the registration buttons on this page. Please note, classes are not refundable.

Are groceries included?

Groceries are not included in the price of the class. All participants will receive a list of the ingredients they will need a few days prior to the class so that they can check their pantries and shop for what they need in advance.

Can I join if I am a House of Haas member?

Absolutely! Please note, that these specialty classes are separate from House of Haas subscriptions and will need to be purchased separately. All House of Haas members get a discount on specialty classes (check your email for the code, or shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will get ya taken care of!).

Are all classes virtual?

Yes! Currently, all specialty and House of Haas classes are virtual. If you are interested in booking Amanda for an in-person event, you can learn more here.

What if I can't make the class?

All attendees will receive the class replay within a few days after the class! And if there are specific questions you’d like to make sure Amanda answers for you, you can always email us ahead of time at [email protected] and we will answer them live or email you with a response!

I loved the recreational class I just attended! How can I get more?!

We are so glad! We knew you’d love it! If you are looking for more Amanda in your life, join House of Haas where you will get monthly live cooking classes!

Interested in more a la carte recreational classes? Keep checking back here for signups and information for our next class.


Join our next recreational class: Grilling 101 on June 10 at 1pm PT/ 4pm ET.