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So Now What?

By August 9, 2019May 12th, 2020No Comments

I’m never quite sure how you are supposed to act the day your book is finally for sale. This time, I was reminded that real life never stops. I woke up and my head was spinning with normal thoughts like, “Do my kids even have matching socks to wear when school starts next week?” 

While trying to go about life’s daily chores, I spent the first few hours checking my sales ranking on Amazon like a maniac, wondering if it would get to the very top. My kids even joined in on the fun, asking “Is your ranking better than the last time you checked?” Then I came to my senses and realized I put in my best effort to create the best book possible, so what happens now is out of my hands. Translation: I am NOT going to sit around like a desperate school girl waiting for the NY Times Bestsellers List to call me, like I’m waiting for the Homecoming King to ask me to prom. We ALL know that he only calls when you’re out with somebody else.

But seriously, my desire to hit that list is ego-driven—I know this—so instead of wondering if that’s going to happen, why not take a moment to mark the accomplishment itself? I don’t need to pop champagne or invite anyone over. I just want to be alone with my book to read it in my comfy bed, and take it all in now that all of my thoughts are in one tangible place. Then I want to write myself a letter to remind myself of the energy and hard work it took to bring this book to life.  

After that?  I’ll be ready to celebrate it with the rest of the world!  So if you can, please come join me for the ride! From L.A. to San Francisco to New York and Utah, I hope you’ll join me!

I am so grateful for all of the love and support you’ve shown me and this book over the past week.  I am one lucky girl!



P.S. Here’s what I’m making this weekend for my family—Chicken Pho with Daikon “Noodles” from The Vibrant Life.