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Amanda’s 10 Must-Have Kitchen Tools

By April 17, 2020June 5th, 2020No Comments
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Hi Friends! How is everyone holding up this week? Last week I was thrilled to see how many people entered the giveaway I’m hosting with Katie Couric.  You can win a Breville Bluicer– it’s a blender AND a juicer in one machine!–a $150 gift card to Whole Foods Market, and personalized copies of my last two cookbooks. The total prize package is worth over $600!  (We could all use a treat like that right now, couldn’t we?)

Haven’t entered yet? Don’t fret! You can enter right here!

Now back to today.  During quarantine, I’ve spent a lot of time cooking of course, but I’ve also been working on my website to add more content for you like YouTube videos, better search options, and more recipes! So while I leave that work to the pros, I decided to enhance my SHOP page for you right now.  I thought it might be helpful to see what I really use in my kitchen.

My shopping page only contains items I keep in my own home.  I’ve spent the better part of my career testing every pot, pan, and kitchen gadget on the market. After testing them all, I’ve discovered the most useful, functional tools for my kitchen. (Warning: I detest single-use gadgets—no hard feelings, Kale Stripper and Avocado Cutter!—so you won’t find any gimickey items here.)

I’ve never believed things have to be expensive to be good, and this list reflects that. OXO makes my favorite kitchen tools and most of them are between $10 and $20.  On the expensive side are the items that I believe are of such exceptional quality that they pay for themselves because they’ll last forever. (Things like my Traeger Grill, Breville Food Processor, and Hestan Pan.)

And one last thing…I do subscribe to a few affiliate programs like Amazon and Breville, so there is a chance I might make a buck or two off of a purchase if you buy it through my site.  For those who follow me and believe in me, thank you! It doesn’t cost you anything extra to order products from my site. And for the record, I made $11 on affiliate fees last year but hey-that’s on me.?

So without further ado, why don’t you make yourself my Gin & Tonic and peruse my 10 must-haves for your quarantine kitchen:

  1. OXO Tongs-(I don’t work for OXO, but I should. Everything they make is best in class.)

  2. Microplane Zester-use it for citrus, cheese, chocolate, nutmeg…the works.

  3. OXO Peel ‘n Slice-this is the only “mandoline” any home cook needs!

  4. OXO Liquid Measuring Cups-complete game changer.

  5. Small Bar Mop Towels (use them for washing, drying, wiping counters, pot holders)

  6. Chef’s Knife-worth the investment to buy a high-quality knife and keep it in good shape to last you forever!

  7. Fish Spatula-If I could only have one tool in my kitchen, this would be it. Use it for everything!  Williams Sonoma’s fish spatula is my favorite gift to give friends.

  8. Hestan 5 qt. Essential Pan-The person who inherits this pan from me will be one lucky human. 😉

  9. USA Bakeware Sheet Pans-I cook EVERYTHING on these sheet pans, and they go straight onto my Traeger or into my oven!

  10. Parchment Paper-I use it on every sheet pan to make clean up a breeze!

And if for any reason you’re interested in making a big ticket purchase right now like Hestan Cookware or a Traeger Grill, please email [email protected] and we’ll send you a little extra incentive!

Have a great week in your kitchen!