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Your At-Home Entertainment for Today

By March 20, 2020June 3rd, 2020No Comments
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Hi Everyone!

I hope that all of you are hanging in there as we isolate, try to stay healthy, care for our loved ones, and help others who are in need. I hit my low-point yesterday, feeling so anxious about the state of the world’s health, economy, and well-being of all of its citizens. It’s so much to digest. So today I decided to start fresh with a new routine-which always helps center me-and remind myself to do what I can to help right now, and let go of what I can’t control.  

Luckily, my friends at Traeger Grills put me to work in the best way possible. They are just as focused on helping families cook easy, family-friendly, healthy meals right now as I am! So they are giving me free rein to take over their Instagram account today and cook one of my favorite recipes from The Vibrant Life. It’s the Sticky Orange Chicken that works so well on a sheet pan! So if you have an opportunity to go to the store, grab the ingredients for the recipe and join me over on @traegergrills Instagram stories. 

Don’t have the exact ingredients? Don’t sweat it! I myself am subbing Coconut Aminos for Tamari and olive oil for most of the sesame oil. Oh, and I cut up a whole chicken instead of using chicken thighs. No matter what you have on hand, think of this recipe as a guide-not a mandate. We can be flexible and it will still taste delicious.  

And if you’re lucky enough to have a Traeger grill, it’s a wonderful excuse to cook outside and get a little fresh air no matter what the weather. If not? You can still make this recipe in any oven you’ve got. 

I’m continuing to send you all love and positive energy as we work to get through this together!