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Jenny Gaither

Confidence Coach
Founder of Movemeant Foundation
Master Soulcycle Instructor

Where You’re From:
Santa Cruz, California

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1). How did you figure out that this ‘work’ was your calling?”

Ever since my first pair of ballet shoes, I had an understanding of what would make a more universally loving and joyful world – an active one. Whether it be dancing, running, boxing or yoga, a journey in the physical body organically roots us in worthiness, love, and empathy.

The daily ritual of exploring our physical and emotional power, resilience and intelligence builds an inner-world – a solid infrastructure connected in mind and body – of solace, recognition, compassion and trust. Through endorphins, I learned time and time again that to know the answers to any of life’s harder questions, you must know yourself first. And that is the gift movement provides.

The common theme in my story is that when I resisted who I was (when at battle with my image and weight), and when I spent more time comparing my image, path or timing to other women, I suffered. When I listened to and accepted my body, mind and intuition, life-changing opportunities presented themselves to me. Doors opened and movement became a tree branch of many career paths. From those branches I grew into the Founder of Movemeant Foundation, a Business and Confidence Coach, and a Master SoulCycle instructor.

My attachment to my image, perfectionism, and validation was shattered when I decided not to hide in my shame, but to speak out on behalf of myself and all women who struggled with their insecurities and body image. I struggled for 15 years with disordered eating, body image issues and depression. And as a fitness professional, this was my giant secret. It wasn’t until I chose to accept who I was unconditionally, even if no one else did, I realized I was limitless. If I am limitless, so are all people, and that is the message I was born to share with the world.

2). What/who empowered you to chase this dream for yourself?

My friends/chosen family have been my greatest teachers, supporters, and

3). Was there ever a time you were ready to give up on your dream? What made you keep going?

I’ve wanted to give up many times in my professional journey. I think allowing myself to have breakdowns and moments to acknowledge the challenges in front of me helped me gain control. Acknowledging the fear allowed me to think through what the risks were if I gave up, which helped me see that giving up was always a greater risk than failure.

4). What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? (or the worst, and why?)

We are not for everybody but we are for somebody. In business and when it comes to building a community, being your most authentic and true self is the most important thing. Once you can fully and confidently embody who you are and what your mission is, the people you want to be surrounded by will come.

5). What impact would you like your work to leave on the world?

I hope to show girls and women that we are unstoppable and capable of anything we put our minds to. And we can unapologetically soar both personally and professionally.

7). You are happiest when ______

I’m outside in the mountains or by the ocean.

8). Favorite quote?

“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do.”

Brene Brown


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