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A Few of Amanda’s Favorite Things

By August 28, 2019May 12th, 2020No Comments
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One of my dreams has always been for @People Magazine to call me and ask me to share “what’s in my bag” for that segment they do. Famous people empty the alleged contents of their beautiful designer handbags onto a photo-worthy surface, then share a fun quip about each of the 20 amazing products they just happen to be carrying in their bag on the daily. As I type this, I realize that this is truly my dream and no one else’s, i.e. it adds no value to the world if it comes to fruition, but like I said, this is my dream, People. 

But you know what might actually be of value to you all? To see what’s really in my kitchen! One of the reasons I started my own company was to communicate with you in an authentic and transparent way. It’s important for me to share my real life with you, which means sharing which items I like to use because I think they’re awesome, not because someone else is telling me I have to. (Full Transparency: I DO get paid to sell many of these items, but it’s because I sought out these companies and asked to work with them because I believe in their products. And with many of them, I don’t get paid but I love their products so much, I wanted to share them with you.)  

So with careful consideration, I’ve taken all of my favorite things and built the AmandaHaasCooksSHOP.

Here you’ll find my favorite tools for preparing the food I cook in real life and for work. Just like I select the best ingredients when I cook, my shop features the items I love that are the absolute highest quality. Some items are expensive, but I believe in buying once and keeping forever. There are also many inexpensive items that I love just as much. Example: There is a reason @oxo‘s liquid measuring cups are in @goodhousekeeping‘s Product Hall of Fame. They are brilliant. (And no, I don’t work for OXO.)

Also, some of the products you see on my page are set up through an @amazon affiliate program, so there is a chance I will get paid a commission on your purchase.  But many of the items aren’t linked because I’ve been terribly disorganized—but not for long because guess who just hired an awesome assistant?! This girl!  Either way, the point of amandahaascookshop is for you to see what I can’t live without. Whether it provides any significant value to your life is completely up to you. But for kicks, here’s my spur of the moment “Top 10 Items I can’t Live Without,” which are hopefully available in my online shop. Drum roll please….

  1. My Traeger Ironwood. Duh.

  2. My Williams Sonoma fish spatula.

  3. My Oxo Tongs.

  4. My Oxo Liquid Measuring Cups.

  5. My Hestan 5 qt. covered Essential Pan.

  6. Any of Ina Garten’s Books. (She’s my OG. Period.)

  7. My reindeer Traeger sweater. (Pretty sure it’s discontinued but I DON’T CARE. I own it and I love it and I cook in it all the time. It makes me Me.)

  8. My Breville Food Processor. (I am a bad-ass slicing ninja warrior with its new blade attachments.)

  9. My Zwilling and Shun Knives (I use different brands of knives for different tasks, but an 8” chef’s knife is a must!)

  10. Whole Foods’ Organic Olive Oil. It’s not on my site, but it should be. Best value with the best quality I’ve found! I love it!

Have an amazing week in your kitchen! And if you happen to be in Los Angeles tomorrow night, come say hi in Manhattan Beach! I’ll be signing books and sharing my recipe for my California Cocktail at Pages: A Bookstore from 6-7:30. And Lindsey Valdez, the incredible yoga instructor who contributed to The Vibrant Life will be with me! Hope to see you there, Friends!